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Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2018
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Squad is a 50 vs. 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication, teamplay, and an emphasis on unit cohesion mechanics as well as large-scale coordination, tactics, and planning gameplay.

It features large open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience which mixes organized tactical multi-squad planning with split-second decision-making in real-world scale firefights.

With a final total of 41,000 votes over ten days, Squad reached #1 on Steam Greenlight in under 72 hours. Squad underwent over a year of development as of March 2015 before revealed on Greenlight. Squad also underwent a successful Kickstarter Campaign in June 2015 landing Squad nearly CAD$434,805 backed by 4458 backers, far exceeding our goal of CAD$184,000. Since its release on Steam in December 2015, Squad is currently owned by over 217,000 users, with a daily average player base of 1000 players. Squad is riding the wave of significant advances in the Unreal Engine 4 in the last year, bringing Squad to market as the meat and potatoes tactical FPS shooter the community has been waiting for nearly a decade.

Squad ultimately is a thinking man's game, played out as a large scale tactical FPS PvP shooter with a dozen levels of long perfected meta built into our game design. Squad currently had a mod-friendly SDK currently available via the Epic Unreal Engine Launcher, ready for modders to get their hands on and develop their ideas on Squad's code and asset base.

SQUAD Homepage: >> Join Squad <<
"How to Squad" : >> Squad Wiki <<

5. Februar 2018 - Release v10 ALPHA:
New animation system? Check.
Bipods? Check.
Climbing and vaulting? Check.
It's time! It's here! The wait is over and we're exceedingly proud to announce the release of Squad Alpha 10 -- and ready to get back on the machineguns.
(Please reset your appdata in the game settings if you run into trouble with the new build!)
>> Changelog v10 ALPHA <<

Squad V10 - All You Need To Know by Nano

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SQUAD Recap - February 2018

New Weapon: AT-4
Entering into service in the late 1980s, the AT-4 is a single-shot anti-tank weapon that gives infantry a chance to level the playing (and/or battle) field with impressive firepower. (Big-bada-boom.) Primarily intended for taking out armored vehicles and fortifications, it should be a welcome asset to squaddies taking on the anti-armor role. Careful, though -- tickle the wrong armor and you will need to move ASAP.

New Weapon: L129 A1
The British are coming! And you'll just have to forgive that reference. Fortunately for us, they are coming fully armed and ready for action, as evidenced by the fine work on this L129 A1. The rifle, designed for the harsh environments of Afghanistan, should find itself right at home on the upcoming Kamdesh Highlands map. Don't forget the microfiber cloth for that ACOG -- there's nothing worse than sun glare through a smudge.

HESCO Structure Upgrade

While starting the work on Fallujah, we knew it will be our best-looking map to date. Still, we didn't want to leave the rest of the game untouched. We've started a side project called Make Squad Great Again! (Not that it ever wasn't. ;)) The goal is to give our existing assets and maps a fresh look -- we're talking about a complete rework, not just a simple texture tweak. To give you an idea how serious, we proudly present everybody's favorite home away from home, the HESCO:

New Building Model
Not content just to spruce up the old buildings, the team is hard at work creating more assets to bring Squad to life. Featured here is a multi-level building for the upcoming Fallujah map. With the recent addition of climbing and vaulting, this structure should prove an interesting challenge to clear and secure. It's bound to work its way into some other maps, so be sure to watch for it coming to the SDK too.

Update: Kamdesh Highlands
Kamdesh is shaping up to be a fierce battleground using the team's latest tricks and techniques. It continues to shape up to be one of the most beautiful environments to join the map list. The high peaks, dangerous slopes, and sharp falls into valleys should prove just as potent of an enemy as the OPFOR.

Gorodok Update Pass
Gorodok is looking to receive some optimization that includes foliage draws, experimenting with distance fields, casting more impressive shadows, and even addressing some of the map's giant rock demons threatening the borders.

Recap-Link: >> SQUAD Recap - February 2018 <<
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SQUAD - Alpha 10.1 Update

+ Vaulting, climbing and jumping now consume stamina in addition to sprinting and prone movement, which already did so previously
+ The separate "jumping stamina" has been removed
+ Low stamina will not prevent you from vaulting, climbing, jumping or sprinting
+ Weapon sway is still affected by stamina
+ Stamina below half will gradually decrease your movement speed until your sprint at 0 stamina is barely faster than normal movement at full stamina. This affects crouched and prone movement too.

In Alpha 10.1, all supported languages work but a few text strings will not be translated yet.

A focus of our work in these past three weeks has been the performance of the game. Particular problem areas identified were server performance and client performance on specific maps.
The best approach to improving performance is not trying to make existing systems quicker, but to rewrite the systems to be smarter and only do necessary and relevant operations, especially in regards to replication.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
+ Updated EAC SDK
+ Complete rewrite of freelook to fix it not replicating on deployables and improve performance
+ Fixed vehicles sometimes taking reduced damage from rockets
+ Fixed occasional invisible gun on revive
+ Fixed one hand getting detached in the 1p animation doing funny things
+ Increased rotation acceleration and maximum rotation speed on 3p soldier animations
+ Fixed bandaging not detecting other soldiers reliably
+ Fixed bandaging animation not cancelling when moving away from the soldier that's being bandaged
+ Set Medic's field dressings to be 25% faster to apply compared to any other role
+ Fixed crouch-sprinting not having correct stamina cost
+ Guns no longer get forced-lowered when very close to an enemy
+ Fixed an issue with reloads having to be done multiple times
+ Fixed rocket backblasts being too wide
+ Fixed nametags disapperaing on prone lean
+ Made nametags more transparant when aiming directly at them. The enemy won't be able to hide behind a nametag anymore
+ Fixed an issue where enemy players could cap a neutral flag for your team
+ Fixed inconsistent behavior when right clicking in the Squad-Leader's Fire Support sub-menu and enemy markers sub-menu
+ Fixed invite list not being scroll-able so it could not be collapsed when a lot of players were unassigned
+ Fixed an exploit that allowed squad members to take more limited role kits than allowed
+ Fixed part of the player's body showing above him on incapacitation
+ Fixed MAT-V open top turret not blocking projectiles
+ Removed one BTR-82A from Narva AAS v1,v2 and v3
+ Removed two Strykers and replaced one BTR-82A with one BTR-80 on Kohat AAS v2
+ Fixed a RUS transport on Gorodok Invasion v1 spawning half way into the map
+ Fixed Narva AASv2 Old Barracks flag capture zone preventing leaning
+ Blocked windows of a wip building on Narva that players could glitch into since climbing was introduced
+ Fixed Mestia Tunnels dynamic shadow-casting light sources causing performance issues on AMD GPUs
+ Removed attack markers on Invasion ruleset
+ Fixed a bug that prevented un-muting a muted player
+ Fixed logistics technical showing 2000 as ammo/construction point capacity
+ Toggle lean status now gets cancelled on sprint so the player doesn't start leaning again by himself when stopping the sprint
+ Fixed a rare bug where a player would be able to move at very high speeds after using a bipod
+ Fixed a rare bug where players would launch into space after using bipods
+ Fixed a bounds issue on the SPG-9 deployable making it invisible in 1p
+ Fixed BTR's special blurred camo ability when ADS
+ Minor tweaks on dozens of movement related animations

Alpha 10.1: >> Discussion and Feedback <<
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SQUAD - Alpha 10.2 Update

While work on A11 is progressing at full speed we pulled over a few changes to A10 so you can have a better experience along the way.

+ Changed the process of a kit becoming unavailable due to squad size falling below the player limit. Now your claim on the kit you had previously remains until you select a different one. Prevents other players from stealing kits by leaving and re-entering squads.

+ Fixed FOB respawn timer not increasing with enemies nearby

+ Fixed player rotation getting permantly offset when standing on a vehicle that's rotating

+ Fixed bad zeroing on M4 with reddot sight

+ Fixed an exploit on logistics vehicles allowing the total load capactiy to be exceeded

+ Reduced stamina cost of jumping/climbing/vaulting

+ Adjusted calculation for nametag fadeout to make it work better when aiming below the nametag

+ Changed vehicle seat info text scale back to previous size

+ Fixed main base repair stations not working on Sumari AASv1 &AASv2

+ Revived a fix to the prone player capsule that got lost in merges

+ Disabled replication of unequipped weapons

+ Enabled Anim update rate optimizations on equipables

+ Simplified bounds calculation on equipables

+ Set Anim update rate optimizations to more aggressive values on the Soldiers

zum >> Feedback / Diskussionsthread <<

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SQUAD Recap - March 2018

AAS Ticket Bleed Tweaks
We're doing a number of different changes to AAS in order to promote a more varied style of play and to positively incentivize flag capture. These include dramatically reducing the ticket bleed on the middle flags, as well as increasing the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag captures will now also include a ticket gain for your team. There will still continue to be a very heavy "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags.

Our intention with these changes are to increase tactical variability and creating the dynamics for a more open-ended approach to strategy. The neutral flag ticket gain should still retain the incentive to capture middle flags quickly for your team, to deny the enemy team that initial ticket advantage.

These changes are in the testing phase and ticket values may fluctuate and are subject to feedback from community gameplay testing sessions.

Alpha 10.2 Bug Fixes
A number of key bugs have been identified and are addressed in the latest hotfix, including these 3 big ones:

+ Spawn over-run mechanic for FOBs has not been working correctly since the v10 release. When enemy players get within close range to a FOB, the spawn times for that FOB should increase. This is based on the ratio of friendly to enemy players in the radius. We shall be monitoring these changes, expect more tweaks coming to this area, as the spawn massacres around compromised FOBs is not the intended gameplay outcome. We value your feedback here and welcome more discussion on the topic of FOB spawning.

+ Squad kit roles that were being force-switched has been corrected. When squad members left a squad, kit roles were being force switched if the squad dropped below the min players for that kit requirement. This has been modified so that it will only force switch a player upon respawn. A less pervasive method to protect against players exploiting kit requirements has been implemented.

+ An exploit that enabled players to load Logistics Trucks with additional supplies above the 2000 limit has been fixed.

Name Tag and Squad Leader 3D HUD UI Upgrades
We have reduced the number of Name Tags shown on the 3D HUD. It will now display only one name tag at a time (the one you are directly looking at). We have also tightened up the viewing angle for the name tag to appear.

We have added 2 new slider bars in the options, one to adjust the name tag opacity and one to adjust the name tag size. There is also an on/off toggle for 3D HUD name tags (Default is on), and an on/off toggle for 3D HUD kit role icons. (Default is off.)

The Squad Leader Icon on the 3D HUD has now been simplified. The SL icon is an important passive tool that allows for instinctive cohesion and spatial awareness of a squad, especially when it comes to newer players joining the squad. The SL Icon will now be displayed on the 3D HUD persistently, but it will fade when the SL is out of range.

Map Screen UI Upgrades
The Map screen will have a new feature: players inside a vehicle will have their name tags displayed when mousing over the vehicle. The nametags of all players inside the vehicle will be listed according to seat position, as well as the squad # and kit role of each player.

Additionally, the Map screen will also have a new indicator for vehicles showing the squad number of the driver. The new indicator will be discreetly displayed next to the vehicles map icon.

British Forces Update
The British have undergone more work and polish since we have shown them initially in January. They are from a gameplay point of view, almost ready, and will feature a unique array of small arms to make their infantry a considerable threat on the battlefield.

Improved Vehicle Damage Model
One massive upgrade we're doing to our vehicle damage model is the development of a localised damage system and the ability for us to model different armor thicknesses and angle of attacks in order to determine the effectiveness of projectiles against armor.

We also plan to have the impact effects and audio reflect whether penetration has occurred and you are actually doing damage to an armored target.
This is the beginning of a deeper system that will be later expanded into damaging critical internal systems on vehicles, such as engines. In addition damage on separate components like tracks, wheels, and turrets.

BGM-71 TOW Guided Anti-Tank Missile Launcher
As part of upping our anti-tank defenses, we are introducing the addition of anti-tank guided missile systems for all conventional forces. Initially, we will be implementing the BGM-71 TOW missile launcher for all factions while the artwork for the 9M133 Kornet ATGM is still being done, but this should provide a very good analogue for the kind of anti-tank capability FOBs will be able to deploy going into the future.

Weapon Emplacement Optics Upgrade
In an effort to improve the fire support capabilities of FOBs, optics have been added onto the emplaced Russian NSV, British & American M2 Brownings and both emplaced and mobile versions of the SPG9 Kopye. Both the M2 Browning and SPG9 have completely functional reticles that allow for precise shooting at range.

Update: Kamdesh Highlands

Update: Kohat Expansion

Link - >> SQUAD - Recap March 2018 <<
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SQUAD - Alpha 11 has arrived!
With Alpha 11, we are continuing to increase the depth of vehicle gameplay, as well as expanding content for infantry.
Alpha Version 11 is now available via Steam. Please always clear your game cache in the game settings on every new build!


+ British Armed Forces added

+ lots of animations tweaked and adjusted

+ new vehicles

+ optimized performance

+ New Map: Kamdesh Highlands

+ added a lot of new layers to existing maps with radically different flag layouts

+ updated UI and Sounds

>> Full Changelog <<
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