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Freitag, 20. April 2018
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LEA - Loadout Editor For ArmA 2 CO and ACE 2 vom [S.o.E] Team (v1.4.75) [Werkzeuge CO]
20.07.2014 von Miller

LEA - Loadout Editor For ArmA 2 CO and ACE 2

Das [S.o.E] Team veröffentlichten ihren Loadout Editor LEA für Combined Operations und ACE2 in den Bi-Foren. Mit diesem Tool lassen sich die Ausrüstungsgegenstände (Waffen, Equipment, Munition usw.) des Spielers anpassen/vereinfachen. Weitere Infos und Feedback auch in unseren Foren.

[S.o.E] Team


ArmA 2: Combined Operations (ArmA 2 und Operation Arrowhead)
Java Runtime Environment

Benötigte Addons:
Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core-Pack OA
Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Extras OA
Community Base Addons CO

Weitere Infos:


--- Overview ---
LEA is a standalone application with goal to simplify the customisation of player's loadout and mission edition. The software uses a full graphical interface and maximum automatised processes to help mission-makers and team players waste as less as possible time in editing loadouts. To do so, LEA has the capability to read and rewrite mission.sqm as well as generate SQF scripts into ArmA 2 mission. The software is provided with @LEA addon for players to make their loadout at mission start-up with LEA whatever the mission running on server. LEA can also help ArmA 2 team play thanks to its capability to easily share user profiles and missions through FTP.

LEA for Players:
- Creation of an unlimited number of profiles see applicable ingame, at mission start. see
- Many Weapon Addons supported, included ACE 2, ACRE, all Robert Hammer's pack and more. see
- Possibility to share profiles by FTP, using LEA Client Interface. see

LEA for mission makers:
- Edition of all units (playables & AI), of all side. see
- Edition of vehicule cargos, ammunition boxes, and all objects having cargo in the mission. see
- Usable with any unit and vehicle addon.
- Quick edition commands by using predefined profile or by quick creation. see
- Edition of Name and Descritpion units attributes. see
- Extraction and Compression *.pbo (Windows only). see
- Possibility to share missions by FTP, using LEA Client Interface. see

ACE or no-ACE:
LEA has been developed foremost to run with ACE 2 for OA/CO. However LEA can be used without ACE 2:
Q. How to use LEA without ACE 2?
R. In the Help menu select Manage Addons then uncheck ACE.

LEA for ArmA 2 Teams:
- FTP Auto config file generator, to easily share profiles and missions. see

See the LEA Wiki here

To use the new multiple profiles in game selection
1. Check into @LEA the readme.txt file. Be sure it is the 1.5 version. However copy paste @LEA folder from LEA installation directory to your ArmA 2 directory.
2. Double click on the profiles you want to use into Profiles Editor see.
3. Select Apply to @LEA as previous. In game you should be displaying profiles names when using the Apply Loadout action see.

--- Requirements ---
- LEA requires Java Runtime Environment 6 or 7.
- LEA has been developed foremost to run with ACE 2 for OA/CO. However LEA can be used without ACE 2 (see FAQ).
- @LEA addon requires @CBA.

--- Docmentation ---
See the LEA Wiki here

--- Credits ---
[S.o.E] Major_Shepard: Software Conception & Script
[S.o.E] Matt2507: Graphic Conception & Web Development
[S.o.E] ETBSMorgan: Mission Making Conception
[BWF] Le_Culto: Script Help
[BWF] & [F27] members: Testing

[S.o.E] team - Sons of Exiled,
[BWF] team - Blackwater France,
[F27] team - Force 27,

--- Terms of use ---
LEA is a free software distributed under the GNU Global Public Licence (GPL), version 3.
Authors and the [S.o.E] team reject any responsibility in the use of this software.
For non commercial purpose only.

--- FAQ ---
Q. How to use LEA without ACE 2?
R. In the Help menu select Manage Addons then uncheck ACE. Note that current version of LEA does not support vanilla ArmA 2 OA backpack.

Q. What if I want to add some more addons into LEA?
R. Next version of LEA will be provided with the capacity to import automatically an addon into the database. For the time being it is however possible but require some manual work. Contact us for more details.




1.4 Update 3 Build 1.4.75
- Fixed: Mission Editor: compatibility with ArmA 2 OA patch v1.63. Script error displayed in game when a slot is disabled.

- Added: Profiles Editor - select All/unselect All commands of profiles in a folder.
- Fixed: Mission Editor - Do not Apply loadout option permanently checked with non playable and Empty unit when reloading a mission.
- Modified: Performance - Faster loading of weapons and Profiles Editor.

- Fixed: excessive cpu loading by reg.exe process.

- Fixed: Mission Editor - applying profile to a unit fails since 1.4.70.
- Changed: Extract/Make.pbo - Warning message "anormal process termination" has been removed.

- Added: Profiles Editor - user can now create folders inside the profile tree, use Drag & drop, copy-paste profile from a right clic drop-down menu. see
- Added: Mission Editor - it is now possible to apply a profile to any kind of units selection. see
- Added: Alwarren FHQ Remington v1.1 is now available as an addon for LEA from public repository.
- Fixed: RH AK - missing magazine 30 mm grenade.

- Added: Addon Editor - new built-in parser of ArmA 2 addons config files for fast incorporation of addons into LEA (see the Wiki Addon section).
- Added: the following addons for LEA are now available into the public repository: ADO Armes, - Christian1987 MP7, McNools White/Greys weapons Waterhiro Type89
- Fixed: Addon Editor - writing error message.
- Fixed: OA Vanilla - in game script error message with rucksack.

- Added: Make crate script: user can now set the time for refill.
- Added: support for changes introduced by ACE 1.14 Dev with rucksacks and items management.
- Fixed: Single player - double initialization of player loadout.
- Fixed: Mission Editor - wrong group side when a group is made of units of a different side.

- Added: Mission Editor - new option for attaching the "Apply loadout" action on crates/vehicles etc. see see
- Changed: @LEA 1.6 - no more time limitation in multiplayer game for player staying 100 meters around his spawn location.
- Fixed: OA vanilla - missing ammo for M136, NLAW and RPG18
- Fixed: ACE - missig backpacks
- Fixed: ACE - can't open ruck when put on back since 1.3.63
- Fixed: url for the LEA Wiki

- Added: user can now manually order ruck content. Select an item into the ruck list and use wheel mouse button to move the item up and down.
- Changed: ruck content is no more deleted when replacing the selected ruck to another one.
- Fixed: weight computation when left clicking on an item into the ruck list.

- Added: user can now set quantity of items into ruck ammo list by right clicking on it.
- Added: @R3F_armes updated to 1.2.
- Added: generator of strandalone crate script .
- Fixed: sometimes seen duplicate entries into @LEA popup combobox.

- Fixed: ACE IFAK - bandage and morphine no more mixed up.
- Fixed: @LEA - Preferences apply now to all selected profiles.

- Fixed: opening of Profiles Editor may failed since 1.3.59

- Added: LEA addon editor - entry for ACE backpack and OA bacpack addition.
- Added: Preferences panel - ACRE PRC152 and ACE Map.
- Added: @LEA - new in game interface for multi profiles application.
- Changed: backpack weapon like rucks or launchers are no more put into secondary empty weapon loadout.
- Fixed: loading of ACE Wounds stuff into loadout through IFAK ACE function.
- Fixed: missing RH M4A1's with GL's into RH M4/M16 addon for LEA.

- Fixed: ACE - backpack is empty in game when editing mission with LEA since v1.3.56.
- Fixed: script error message "Error bad vehicle type" with weapon type launcher since v1.3.56.

- Added: support for RQ-11 Raven A and Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) addons (available for download from repository).
- Changed: user can now add a OA like backpack to a ACE based loadout.
- Changed: the "do not script this loadout" option is now checked in as default for named AI units and Empty vehicles when importing a mission.sqm into LEA.
- Fixed: failed to load LEA loadouts from pbo mission when pbo file has been renamed.

- Added: LEA Addon Editor - user can now edit new addon configuration into LEA.
- Added: LEA addon can now be shared on private FTP repository and get downloaded from LEA.
- Added: ASC weapons pack for LEA (available for download from repository).
- Fixed: removed warning message when user try to add launcher into vehicle cargo.

- Added: AI Playable unit loadout is now initialialized in multiplayer game even if no player join the unit.
- Added: LEA loadouts are now visible in the briefing stage.
- Added: new addons into LEA repository: Design mastery M4 variants by Hogthar and Mlacix, L119A1 weapons pack by Lennard,PUKF Weapons pack and PUKF L115A3, SG Krinkov by Colonel Stagler.
- Added: support for ACE 1.13 hotfix 2.
- Added: I44 - missing M2 Flamethrower GasTank.
- Fixed: faction filter empty if no addon has been previously selected in Addons Manager.
- Fixed: ACE - hands weapons (rifles etc) can now be packed and unpacked from rucksacks.

- Added: Austalians At War mod (AAW) for LEA (available for download from repository).
- Added: user can now export and import LEA addon file (*.lea.addon).
- Added: OA vanilla - user can now add weapons and items into backpacks.
- Fixed: some factions (OFrP...) no more appeared in the Faction Filter since 1.2.45

- Added: new interface for adding and remove addons into LEA.
- Added: remote repository for downloading and install new addons into LEA.
- Added: I44 addon for LEA (available for download from repository).
- Added: user can now extends ArmA 2 default loadout with LEA loadout for a given unit.
- Fixed: ArmA 2 OA vanilla - AI unit has no weapon in solo mode.
- Fixed: ArmA 2 OA vanilla - M249_TWS_EP1 and 200Rnd_556x45_L110A1 doesn't match.

- Added: support for respawn with initial loadout (option). see
- Added: V2 signatures for @LEA.
- Changed: remove of the loadout initialization of AI playable units on dedicated server due to issues with player at mission start.
- Fixed: cannot see quantity in Vehicle content for ammo with long name.
- Fixed: No firing weapon if player got only a pistol.

- Fixed: addition of magazines/weapons into vehicles cargo doesn't work when ACE mod is disable in the Addon Manager.
- Fixed: ACRE PCR343 is not added into loadout from Preferences panel since LEA 1.1.
- Fixed: error message "a refferal was returned from the server" with Windows UAC sets to High.

- Added: error message when try to generate loadout scripts and mission folder does not exists.
- Added: error message when LEA is launched without Administrator privileges on Windows Vista & Seven.
- Fixed: @LEA, keys signature
- Fixed: Make mission.pbo fails with large mission file size (corrupted mission.sqm, anormal pbo file size).
- Fixed: loadout of AI playable units not properly initialized when loaded into choppers and planes.
- Fixed: RH SMG, TDI vector weapons variants have bad magazines.

- Added: support for ACE 1.13 stable
- Added: support for OFrP 3.1 (1)
- Added: support for ASR v10
- Added: support for ArmA 2 OA backpacks (2)
- Added: support for respawn and team switch into @LEA
- Added: .bikey and .besign files into @LEA
- Changed: no more auto addition of ACE wounds stuff into loadouts
- Changed: ArmA 2 missions folder path is made default choice
- Fixed: no firing weapon after loadout initialization
- Fixed: RH HK416 AG36 type tifles missing magazines
- Fixed: incorrect weight of M2 Slam, M4A1 CCO SD and Strela Mag
- Fixed: Paladin magazines displayed even if not selected in faction filter

- Fixed: mission.sqm corrupted after re-assignation caused by init field instructions.
- Fixed: CLU moved to the "Optical" list.
- Fixed: Javelin magazine missing.

a2[S.o.E] Team


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