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USS Nimitz von JDog (v0.93 Beta) [Addons]
26.08.2011 von Miller

USS Nimitz von JDog (v0.93 Beta)

JDog veröffentlichte seinen Flugzeugträger USS Nimitz in den Bi-Foren.

Benötigte Addons:
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After a whole lot of work and learn-how-to's... I present to the community the
USS Nimitz for ArmA II
in the interest of maritime operations and for the sake of just having a big floating airport.

• Working catapults, jet blast deflectors, elevators, arrestor cables
• IFLOLS landing aid system
• Large hangar bay and other interior spaces
• Fully customizable briefing room
• Includes example mission, texture templates, and very detailed and helpful readme concerning scripts for mission-makers

For future plans, see the bulletin board inside the carrier, downstairs from the island.

Accidentally left out of the readme:
• If you place the standard towing tractor on the carrier, it will automatically be enabled to tow aircraft (all standard BIS aicraft + Ikar's F14 thus far)
• There are a couple flight training markers I made if anyone wants to use them. Nothing more than colored rings, they can be found under Empty > Targets. You are able to set a texture inside the ring using this setObjectTexture [0,"textureName.paa"];
• The AI is stubborn and/or retarded when it comes to trying to script them to launch off the carrier, please see this post


0.93 Beta

v0.93 Beta
- Fixed: Issue where dropped gear on the Nimitz/nearby water would multiply over time until the server ultimately crashed (thanks to ZZEZ again for this).
- Added: Systems for refueling, rearming, and repairing aircraft. Read new sections of this guide regarding these features. This includes many scripts, actions for players, and a new weapons storage room deep below decks.
- Added: Davits for the launching and retrieval of Zodiac CRRCs.
- Added: Steam effect during catapult launches.
- Added: A few new ordnance container objects that can be placed in the editor. More to come later perhaps.
- Improved: Catapult launches now have a short but random delay between your salute and your launch.
- Improved: Arrester cables will now simulate being caught by the tailhook of an aircraft and be pulled out.
- Improved: Tailhook options now also accessible from a wider angle, allowing more time to set up a landing approach.
- Changed: Certain high-priority carrier actions have been color-coded and placed at the top of the action menu (whether this stays depends on how many find it annoying).
- Updated: Test mission to reflect setPosASL requirement (instead of setPos) and to show an ammo-loaded towing tractor, as well as position a jet properly for fuel.

v0.87 Beta
- Fixed: Players/vehicles should no longer fall through the deck of the Nimitz now when joining a multiplayer game (thanks to ZZEZ’s recommendation).
- Fixed: Previously, only aircraft within 10km of the Nimitz at mission start would get the IFLOLS/Tailhook actions. Now, all planes will recieve the action, including those spawned mid-mission.
- (READ)Changed: Using setPos for placement of items on the carrier may no longer work, switch over to using setPosASL.
- Changed: “Raise Tailhook” and “Lower Tailhook” now read as “Tailhook Up” and “Tailhook “Down”.
- Improved: Tailhook options now accessible from 5km out, rather than 3.5km.

v086 Beta
- Fixed: Double “Tailhook” option when landing with Meatball’s F/A-18. One action will now properly control the tailhook animaton as well as the ability to be arrested on the deck.
- Fixed: Sometimes improper landings would instantly bring planes to a halt, but still activate the arrestor system which would only set you free all the way down the runway, which was difficult to get to. Now raising your tailhook anywhere on the deck will detach you from the cables.
- Improved: In real life, you can see the lights of the IFLOLS regardless of how fast you’re moving. The speed requirement for the IFLOLS action has been removed and you can use it to help your approach from farther off now (3.5km).
- Added: USS Nimitz to BLUFOR > US Navy > Ship (no, you still can't drive it).

v085 Beta
- Fixed: Distance no longer displays in middle of screen when on or looking at the carrier (thanks to ANZACSAS Steve for help with this)
- Fixed: IFLOLS action menu item now properly disappears after being used
- Fixed: You can no longer see the silhouette of the staircase inside the superstructure from outside of the island (thanks to [APS]Gnat for help with this)
- Improved: Scripts for IFLOLS and Arresting systems have been downsized and made more efficient, arrests should now be much more reliable in multiplayer
- Added: Players must now make use of a “Lower Tailhook” option to enable their plane to be arrested on the deck, and must then “Raise Tailhook” to detach from the cables. The Lower Tailhook action menu item will appear at the same time the “IFLOLS” item does when on a proper approach for landing (See Section 4C: IFLOLS and Arrested Landings)
- Added: Control panels on flight deck and inside hangar bay walls to allow for remote operation of elevators.
- Added: CVN-68 sailors with various/appropriate shirt colors

Zu empfehlen ist die Mod-Ordner Methode. Siehe auch Installation von Addons

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