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Group Link 4 Special FX Edition - Addon von SNKMAN (v1.1.87) [Addons]
24.03.2010 von Miller

Group Link 4 Special FX Edition - Addon

Das beliebte Addon aus ArmA Zeiten umfasst eine breite Palette von verschiedenen Player Friendly A.I. and Enemy A.I. Enhancements sowie viele verschiedene Special FX Effekte in sicht -und hörbarer Art.



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons

Weitere Infos:


Dear community,

i'm glad to finally release the Group Link 4 Special FX Edition.
Group Link 4 is a A.I. and Special FX enhancement project with many new and already know'n features.
The A.I. Enhancement of Group Link 4 is available after creating the "Group Link 4: System" module and synchronizing a enemy A.I. group with the "Group Link 4: System" module once.
All Special FX features of Group Link 4 require AddOns which most of them are needed to be present on the player ( Client ) side only in multiplayer.
The Special FX of Group Link 4 are available after creating the "Group Link 4: Special FX" module.

Group Link 4 use a Dynamical Module System ( D.M.S. ) which means you can enable/disable/change/setup some core features of Group Link 4 by creating and/or synchronizing the given module(s) with specific groups/units.

Group Link 4 fully supports J.I.P ( Join In Progress )
The "Group Link 4: System" and "Group link 4: Random" modules will be synchronized with each J.I.P player after he had connected to the server.

Group Link 4 is coded to safe as much resources as possible in single and multiplayer.
The technically orientation is based on Operation Flashpoint Mod E.C.P. ( Enhanced Configuration Project ) which had lead a totally new way of scripting.

All features of Group Link 4 can be enabled/disabled by changing the given values in the "GL4_Global.sqf" and "GL4_Local.sqf" scripts.

Group Link 4 Enemy A.I. Enhancement:
- Enemy A.I. Combat Features:
Enemy A.I. Request Reinforcement
Enemy A.I. Request Artillery Strikes
Enemy A.I. Request Air Support
Enemy A.I. React to / Detect Gun Fire
Enemy A.I. React to / Detect Suppressed Fire
Enemy A.I. React to / Detect explosion of vehicles
Enemy A.I. House Search

- Enemy A.I. I.Q. Features:
Enemy A.I. Unmount vehicles at the conflict point
Enemy A.I. Drop Smoke at day time
Enemy A.I. Fire Flares at night
Enemy A.I. Detect Dead Bodys
Enemy A.I. Garrison empty Buildings
Enemy A.I. mount empty Static Weapons
Enemy A.I. Rearme
Enemy A.I. Surrender ( Beta )

- Enemy A.I. Addictional Features:
Enemy A.I. Body Remove

Group Link 4 Player and Friendly A.I. Enhancement:
Recruit A.I.
Simulate Dead
Take Captive

Group Link 4 Random Features:
Random Time
Random Weather
Random Snow
Random Position

Group Link 4 Special FX Enhancement:
- Artillery FX:
Artillery Incoming Sound
Artillery Impact Mud
Artillery Impact Stones
Artillery Impact Shock

- Backblast FX:
Backblast Flash
Backblast Sparks
Backblast Damage

- Blood FX:

- Burning FX:
Vehicle Fire and Vehicle Fire Player Damage
House Fire and House Fire Player Damage
Camp Fire and Camp Fire Player Damage

- Crew FX:
Crew Burning

- Dubbing:

- Explosion FX:
Shock Flash
Fire Flash
Shock Wave
Smoking Debris / Burning Debris
Dust Wave

- Impact FX:
Impact Sparks
Impact Debris

- Rocket FX:
Rocket Impact Stones

- Shell FX:
Impact Mud
Impact Stones
Impact Shock

- Sound FX:
Bullet Whiz By
Shell Whiz By
Body Flies


Kopiere den "@ GL4"-Ordner in das Armed Assault 2 Haupt-Verzeichnis.
Verschiebe den "UserConfig" Ordner aus "@ GL4 \ UserConfig" in das Armed Assault 2 Haupt-Verzeichnis.

Weitere Infos: Installation von Addons



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