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ArmA3 News: Lighting Interview
24.05.2012 - 20:02 von Miller

ArmA3 News: Lighting Interview
Bohemia Interactiv hat erneut seine ArmA3 Seite aktualisiert - Die Lichteffekte sind ein weiterer ein großer Teil der Verbesserungen in ArmA3. Auf der kommenden E3 (05 bis 07 Juni) dürfen wir mehr darüber erfahren.

Report In: Lighting Interview
reported on May 23, 2012

Lighting is a big part of the improvements planned for Arma 3. Its development touches upon the overall ‘look and feel’ of A3, the underlying gameplay, and influences performance and engine optimisations.

Advancements to to the way the engine handles high dynamic ranges has enabled us to overhaul the feeling of night time operations, giving us the tools to create much richer scenes, and giving players a number of new gameplay opportunities.

At the forthcoming E3 (June 5-7) , we’ll have a lot to show, and most of our content really benefits from the new ligthing and clouds technology. Today, though, we offer an early look at our work by way of a quick chat with Arma 3’s Lead Artist, Pavel ‘Gugla’ Guglava, who talks about some of the fantastic advancements to lighting, taking a look at how these new changes improve the overall aesthetic of A3, the underlying gameplay, and more!

“Thanks to some key changes in HDR, we’ve been able to finish most of our ‘wish list’ of improvements to lighting, point-lights and even in light-emissive materials. The goal was always clear: make the lighting as realistic as possible.”

Click here to read the full interview across on the Bohemia Interactive homepage , along with a number of behind the scenes images!

And, below, we’ve got a special bonus video! It’s a look a some of the lighting at work, and a sneak peek at some of the forthcoming E3 content:

Danke an Flogger für die Info in unserer Plauderecke und Blackland für die Info in unseren Foren . Top

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