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LEA Loadout Editor vom [S.o.E] Team (v1.4.75) [Werkzeuge CO]
20.07.2014 - 23:00 von Miller

LEA Loadout Editor vom [S.o.E] Team - Update v1.4.75

***** Update *****

Major_Shepard veröffentlichte ein Update für den Loadout Editors LEA für Combined Operations und ACE2 in den Bi-Foren. Mit diesem Tool lassen sich die Ausrüstungsgegenstände (Waffen, Equipment, Munition usw.) des Spielers anpassen/vereinfachen.


LEA is a standalone application with goal to simplify the customisation of player's loadout and mission edition. The software uses a full graphical interface and maximum automatised processes to help mission-makers and team players waste as less as possible time in editing loadouts. To do so, LEA has the capability to read and rewrite mission.sqm as well as generate SQF scripts into ArmA 2 mission. The software is provided with @LEA addon for players to make their loadout at mission start-up with LEA whatever the mission running on server. LEA can also help ArmA 2 team play thanks to its capability to easily share user profiles and missions through FTP.

LEA 1.4 Update 3 Build 1.4.75

1.4 Update 3 Build 1.4.75
- Fixed: Mission Editor: compatibility with ArmA 2 OA patch v1.63. Script error displayed in game when a slot is disabled.

Quelle: ArmA2Base Foren, Bi-Foren
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