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ZGM Visitor Objects von ZeroG (v2) [Werkzeuge]
26.02.2013 von Miller

ZGM Visitor Objects von ZeroG (v2)

ZeroG veröffentlichte sein Template Library and Toolset ZGM Visitor Objects für die Insel und Landschaftserstellung in den Bi-Foren. Die Bibliothek enthält der 2232 Vorlagen aus ArmA 2, OA und PMC für die weitere Nutzung in Programmen wie: Visitor 3, ARMA 2 In-Game 3D Editor, Shezan74 World Tools und Homer Johnston Road Painter 2.

Fellow terrain-editors,
as I was annoyed about the huge (unnecessary) effort you have before you can start placing objects, I decided to create a comprehensive and interoperable template library which will make terrain editing a lot easier. This library contains of 2232 templates from A2, OA and PMC, so it is usable without any other addon (though compatible with them)...

I call this library comprehensive because you can use Visitor 3, ARMA 2 In-Game 3D Editor, Shezan74’s World Tools and Homer Johnston’s Road Painter 2 with it without age long configuration feeding and inconvenient conversion between the (btw very very good) community tools. It is a kind of interface between all these tools. Once you have installed the library and understood the necessary conversion processes, you will be able to speed up terrain editing and enjoy your creativity with far less frustration…well, that’s at least what I had in mind when I began 3 weeks ago…

So, what is in it?
1. A sorted and categorized Visitor 3 object library with 2332 default objects in it
2. A template-corresponding World Tools object library with pictures of almost every object
3. A template-corresponding A2 2D/3D-Ingame-Editor addon
4. Conversion tools to make Visitor 3, In-Game 3D Editor, World Tools and Road Painter 2 interoperable without lots of effort on retyping configs

Usage is being explained on a 7-page pdf file in the package...



- did some bugfixing on the biedi2csv (3D Editor to Visitor Export) script this morning and found a way to get rid of submerged objects or "bad data format"-messages (hopefully).

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