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Six Updater von Sickboy (v2.5 RC7) [Werkzeuge]
16.07.2011 von Miller

Six Updater von Sickboy (v2.5 RC7)

Sickboy veröffentlichte sein Six Updater Tool in den Bi-Foren. Ein Tool für die Installation und Update von ArmA 2 Mods und Addons. Mit diesem Tool kann man automatisch Addons für für bestimmte Server herrunterladen und synchronisieren. Außerdem läßt sich das Programm auch als Startprogramm für ArmA 2 nutzen und OA nutzen.

Benötigte Addons:
.NET Framework (Client Profile) 4.0


Main Features
• MultiThreaded & MultiHost Mods/Missions downloads (installation/updating/repair/migration)
o Deploys delta patching to save time and bandwidth (only downloads changed parts)
• Game Launcher
• Server Browser with search and filtering - Join servers automatically with the required Mods.
• Server Monitor - Keep track of server status, players, incl sound alarms.
• Many popular mods available out of the box
• Strong global mirror network (community powered)
• Custom repository hosting for server owners and community websites (with Mods, Missions, and additional server information and automation, incl TeamSpeak3 and Mumble support).
• GUI, Commandline and Linux support
• Flexible and Advanced Preset and Game Profile configuration possible
• Multi game versions and editions supported, manageable side-by-side
• Mod dependencies supported
• Easy access to Mod tools and 3rd party applications like Fraps/TrackIR. Including support for copying ACRE plugin dll's to TS3\Plugins, and Jayarma2lib dsound.dll to game exe folder.
• Create shortcuts to your favorite Presets or to directly start the game with favorite mods and settings
• Full Localization and Internationalization support (preliminary Russian and German translations included)
• Increasing community server support
• Active Development and Support

Download, Support and Info
Current Version: 2.5 Stable
SU Home (News, Downloads, Support, FAQ and Documentation)
Roadmap (Planned Features and Known Issues)
Updater Portal (Stats, Information browser and Server browser)

Related projects available at the Six Projects thread.

Looking For
• Documentation/Support assistance
• Network Management assistance (Collecing Mods, Missions and information)
• Development assistance ((Iron)Ruby, C#, .NET, WPF)
• Mirror hosting
• Server admins who wish to host custom repositories for their server and take full advantage of SU features

Weitere Bilder hier.


Author Website:

2.5 RC7

v2.4 RC1
- Siehe Six Updater 2.4 WIP report

- Bug #17854: GUI doesn't pass startup parameters to updatecheck
- Bug #17935: Six Updater GUI crashes when trying to run updater
- Bug #18203: Convert mods action includes non SU mods if found on server
- Bug #18210: Modpath not respected
- Bug #18221: Loading server from sixupdater:// url changes preferred server to it
- Bug #18233: Can't download optional mods from custom repository
- Bug #18238: Seperate CO install startup bug
- Bug #18252: Custom mods no longer selected
- Bug #18292: Mod dependencies not respected for custom repo mods
- Bug #18306: Size of mods listed in Custom repos is incorrect
- Feature #16875: Make the Mod-size-bar optional, disabled by default, and add infoPopup into the tree
- Feature #16876: Improve behaviour of the tree
- Feature #17289: Open File/Folder dialog for path fields
- Feature #17376: Custom repo builder interface
- Feature #17445: Multi threaded downloading, summing and unpacking
- Feature #17455: Look into DropBox Support
- Feature #17472: Custom repository browser
- Feature #17490: Support zSync websites with username and password
- Feature #17685: Missions browser with mission info - like addon dependencies (custom, a2/oa/co)
- Feature #17763: Partial userconfig update
- Feature #17825: Allow easier setup of non SU (official network or custom repository) mods
- Feature #17874: sixupdater:// url handler
- Feature #17945: Support password set in zSync server config
- Feature #17967: Import Mods and Import new Mods ui actions
- Feature #18003: Support alternate located .pack folders
- Feature #18029: Support non diff-update repositories with 7z's
- Feature #18030: Support sixupdater:// url handler for direct mod downloads
- Feature #18031: Support sixupdater:// url handler for repository browsing
- Feature #18186: Upload mods, userconfig and bikeys to server
- Feature #18219: Auto detect profile should also find seperate CO install automatically
- Feature #18229: Optionally auto minimize upon startgame/joinserver
- Feature #18247: Passworded repositories
- Feature #18291: Support extra info for custom repo mods
- Feature #18296: Allowed Mods filter for all Mod datagrids.
- Support #17836: Graphics Glitch

* Major new feature: Custom zSync and/or rSync repository hosting, with additional server configuration, TeamSpeak/Mumble support and syncing missions with servers.
o More info at
* 60 issues (bugs, features) fixed / implemented. See Milestone 2.1 for more details.

Das Programm ausführen.
Es wird empfohlen, die bisherige Version zu deinstallieren und das Programm sauber zu installieren. Die Konfigurationsdateien/Datenbank darf NICHT entfernt werden.

Due to changes to SixUpdateCheck and the application folder structure, it is recommended to uninstall previous 2.0 (pre-release) version, delete the Six Updater folder from Program Files and cleanly install this final 2.0 version.
You do NOT have to remove configuration files/database.

Weitere Infos hier .

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