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AddonSync2009 von Yoma (v1.0.67) [Werkzeuge]
17.10.2010 von Miller

AddonSync2009 von Yoma (v1.0.67)

Yoma veröffentlichte sein AddonSync2009 Tool in den Bi-Foren und auf der website. Mit diesem Tool kann man automatisch Addons für für bestimmte Server herrunterladen und synchronisieren. Außerdem läßt sich das Programm auch als Startprogramm für ArmA 2 nutzen und OA nutzen.


Author Website:

Benötigte Addons:
Keine aber .NET 2.0 oder höhere Version


Das Programm ausführen

Zitat Yoma:


I think the time has come to finally make a dedicated post in this forum that points to AddonSync2009.
You can download it here .
You can view what's been done/what's up for next version here .
You can view the bugtracker here .

Some basic demonstration movies (yes they are crappy,maximise your browser and be a bit patient)
[*] Adding a server and launching Arma
[*] Some launching tricks
[*] An example for downloading addons
[*] Arma 2 beta warnings

The tool requires .NET 2.0 or higher.

[*] Download/upload sets of addons (great for squads/servers that use addons). The basic goal here is to keep people in sync with the addons the server uses. It can also be used to deploy an ever changing mod, as Kju has proven quite well with CAA1. It uses MD5 checksums for files and can verify individual files.
[*] Launch Arma(2), various launch options, including "modsets" (which are simply groups of addonfolders), these groups can be given a relevant name and are also linked to the server, so you don't have to go look for the correct addons to use each time you connect to a server.
[*] Check who's playing/what mission/server parameters realtime. Can also monitor a server and autolaunch Arma(2) with different conditions (stuff like autolaunch when game restarts, autolaunch when a player slot becomes available)
[*] Look for servers via Gamespy Query. You can create and save your own custom filters, the tool also pings servers, launches game straight from gamespy query list or offers the opportunity to add a server to your defaults list.
[*] Has a "favorites" server list and can query the favorites list, so you can quickly see what's going on, only on the servers you want to see.
[*] Easily launch beta versions without the need to select beta executable (just select the beta folder in a modset).
[*] Upon downloading addons, create hardlinks to files that would otherwise be duplicated on your disk.
[*] Active check for Arma2 beta versions (it actually compares the build version you have in your beta folder to the latest published online build and will only warn you if you have a different beta version)
[*] Can launch a dedicated server (great for testing addons) using the same modset as the one you use for launching the game.
[*] Can autolaunch any program you want before launching the game. (Great for joystick profilers, voip stuff etc), built-in support for launching TeamSpeak.
[*] Basic multilanguage support, will need some people for translations soon.
[*] Get basic context sensitive help (English only) by pressing F1 on the form you're seeing.
[*] Scripted builds (and uploads) of online mod repositories, automated signing process for addons. (server admins can even autogenerate private keys) The signing process requires the BIS sign tools to be installed.

Feel free to post your comments, suggestions, requests here or even better yet post them in the bugtracker on devheaven (or via the "report bug" button inside the tool).
If you need help (setting it up as a server admin) feel free to contact me via PM. I'll be sure to contact you as I get time.
Special thanks goes out to all the people that have commited time to reporting bugs, requesting features and generally being in support of my effords.
Very special thanks to Kju, you are a great guy!

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